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Working with first-time homebuyers and investors alike, Michelle Chang is a problem-solver, an advocate and a savvy negotiator. With great insight into local real estate trends, Michelle helps determine when and how to sell your home for maximum value.

Prior to becoming a REALTOR®, she worked as a software engineer and researcher for 10+ years and is a real estate investor. Uncompromising integrity and honesty are the hallmark of Michelle’s success. Thanks to her exceptionally satisfied clients, Michelle has established a solid reputation in the industry.

Michelle is the best realtor I know- professional, efficient and so kindhearted. She is not only a business partner, but a great listener and friend to think about what you think, and worry about what you worry-想人之所想,急人之所急。 I was having some trouble with my condo because of the corrupted HOA, during the time they actually made traps with dirty construction management company to pit home owners. To make it worse, I was traveling abroad at that point, contacted Michelle and expressed my willing to sell the property, but we had only two online discussions. She was following my schedule despite the time zone difference, comfort me, carefully listened to me and provided me lots of insights and suggestions. Two weeks later, right after I came back to the bay area, we met in person for the fist time, and to my great surprise that Michelle has completed all investigations, printed all documents/flyers/property brochures ready for me, with very accurate info and delicate style. She carefully explained to me the timeline, strategy and step-by-step action items, suddenly my tension and nervous were gone. From that moment, I know I am in good hand! Even today I still remember the shocking feeling when she pulled those brochures out from her bag, so impressive and I don't worry anymore from that second! Although the case was tough, with Michelle's professionalism and diligence, we sold the property on time, without losing much value, and more importantly, that chaos has affected my personal life greatly, I cannot image without Michelle's help, how could I handle the case and how terrifying my life would become. Here I express my appreciation to Michelle, and I would like to recommend her to you wholeheartedly. I trust her very much, and hope this share can help you as well. Thanks!

Joey Wei


Michelle is the best agent ever. She’s very professional and caring. She has helped us every step of the way and gave the most thoughtful advice. She is very experienced in this area and has great knowledge and understanding of the business. During one point of the home hunting, we were quite worried about not being able to buy the house due to how competitive the offers could be in the market. She never pushed us, however, advised on the best reasonable price but not the highest. She is the agent who truly cares about your benefits; she helped to make the whole process easy and stress free for us. Michelle is always responsive; she kept us up to date at all stages, always available on the call to speak with. She is also a very detail-oriented agent; she inspected every place of the house and all the details of each document. I am more than happy to recommend Michelle Chang. And kudos to her for all the hard work. I would definitely work with her again in the future for house selling and buying and many thanks to her!

Zhongke Zhang and Yu Liu


“Michelle helped me purchase my first house recently. She is full of passion on real estate and patience to figure out my own concerns. Not only she is insightful about every detail of the home inspection, but also she has plentiful knowledge and experience for future maintenance and remodeling. She shared advices and resources with me so I am free of stress. It is glad to work with Michelle and I will strongly recommend Michelle to my friends.”

Degao Chen and Amy Zhang


“Michelle is the best agent I have ever seen. She is very professional, knowledgeable, responsible and friendly (I can say another 100 great words). As the first time home buyers, I have no idea about what to do and where to start. Michelle guided me through the entire process and is continuing to help me after the transaction (my real estate expert for life!). She always ensures all questions are answered and gives me many valuable ideas. Michelle’s service exceeded my expectations a lot and I’ve already highly recommended her to my friends and family. They are all pretty satisfied with her amazing service!”

Yongqing Peng


We have worked together with Michelle on several purchase deals and she has an excellent control of the entire transaction. She truly considers the best interest of her clients, and is always willing to go the extra mile to push through any unexpected road bumps or challenges that may appear. She works incredibly hard and is always accessible to her clients. Her communication is clear and transparent. Her insight into the market and ability to negotiate on price, terms, and credit is close to none. We have even seen several buyers who are borderline in qualifying get into homes at very competitive prices. They are lucky to have Michelle as their realtor, and I would highly recommend her as well!

Esther Chien

Loan Officer

Michelle is a professional realtor who helped me with investments in real estate. She knows her role well and where to stand when it comes to negotiation, and get things done in touch situations. She gives advice only after thoroughly reading the reports and disclosures and extensive marketing research. She presents clients with thorough stats and demonstrated impressive analytical skills. She always considers the best interest of her clients, not herself. I would recommend her to anyone without reservation!

Michael Ma


Michelle is the best real estate agent I've ever worked with. 1) She is responsible and she is always there whenever you need help. During my home buying process, something was wrong with my mortgage, which is out of her responsibility. But she helped follow up with my loan agent and proposed multiple helpful solutions. 2) Michelle considers the best interest of her clients. She has never pushed us to buy a property. She listened to our criteria in the beginning and gave us reasonable advice. Also, for every property we toured, she gave a detailed analysis of the pros/cons. In my opinion, this is probably the most important thing for first time home buyers like us, who even have no clue what kind of homes to buy. 3) Michelle is able to get things done in tough situations. During our home buying process, we had to extend the closing date multiple times due to some personal issues. Michelle helped negotiate the terms with the seller's agent and pushed for the best interest for us. Also our budget was tight, which made the process even more difficult during the hot market. But we were able to close the deal at a competitive price with Michelle's help. I highly recommend Michelle and I would definitely work with her again in the future.

Wei Li and Jingyi Hu


I worked with Michelle on my first home purchase in San Mateo. I would highly recommend Michelle, especially if you are also first time home buyer and have no idea where to start. I can attest to Michelle's professionalism and experience in Bay Area's hyped housing market. Michelle is a very strategic agent and clearly understands when to put the offer and how to send in the offer with the right amount on it. We finally won the offer with not the highest price (also not all cash!). After the purchase, Michelle introduced a ton of resources to me, including pest control, contractor, electrician, etc. My house is being remodeled right now and I can't wait to see how it turns out! 

Ray Cao


“Michelle is definitely a fantastic realtor agent among all the agents I have ever met. She always stands on buyers' points of view and analyzes our needs and concerns. She is not only using her expertise to identify the opportunities on the market, but also share as much knowledge as possible to the buyers to let you know the logic behind the real estate tradings. Beyond that, she also provides useful information about the home remodeling, contractor, insurance and all the related concerns. You can always rely on her to solve your problems promptly and comprehensively!!”

Xinyue Zhou


Michelle is the best agent I've ever met. She is professional, resourceful, warm-hearted and always put clients' best interests first. As a first time buyer, I entered the market without any prior knowledge. Michelle helped me sort out the priority list based on my needs and budget, and eventually locate the dream home for me. She is always here to answer questions, and provide valuable and creative suggestions in tough situations. Furthermore, she continues to help me with remodeling after the transaction, and becomes the hub for all my home related questions. I will definitely recommend Michelle for my friends and family.

Che Xiao


Thank you Ms Chang for her dedication and perseverance in providing her excellent guidance in our recent her purchase.  With her guidance we were able to negotiate a decent price and very beautiful home, though her dedication and diligence we got the home closed on time and are very happy with end product a home which should prove quiet and comfortable.  Thank you Michelle

John East and YongQin Liu


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